CE marking Nordic AB offers companies support with CE marking and safety at work by providing advice, guidance and training.

Since 1993 our consultants have dealt with all aspects related to CE marking and have extensive knowledge and experience.

Ever since EU regulations and regulations became an important factor for business, companies have been able to count on our expertise and commitment.


Working in cooperation with other companies has many advantages, and not only for the way in which we conduct our business. It is particularly beneficial to you, the client, as we are able to deal with your project quicker and more efficiently.

Within the broad spectrum of EU legislation partners working in cooperation can specialise and thus develop in-depth knowledge of all areas, which a company working alone could not possibly hope to achieve.

Our knowledge of the specific skills of firms working in other disciplines, such as EMC test labs, engineering bureaus, test houses for electrical equipment etc., give clients the opportunity to let assess their products in less time and to lower costs.